Being a home owner can bring you many tax benefits  but only if you know what they are.  The first step toward taking advantage of all the tax benefits available is to properly educate yourself or better yet, find yourself a good tax preparer.  A good tax preparer can save you time and money.   Find a person or company with a good reputation that will offer you quality service and stand behind their product.   The cost of preparing your return should not be your only or primary concern since you may save some money on preparation but lose big time on benefits.  Your primary concern should be an accurate and complete return.  How do you find a good tax preparer?  Quality tax preparers are well-schooled and continuously trained.  Don’t be afraid to ask about their training and continuing education.  If they are a paid service they should also sign your return and stand behind their product. Other good traits of quality preparers is that  they are open year round so if you need assistance after tax season or have an off-season issue or IRS audit, they are there to help.  It’s also good to have a preparer or company that guarantees their work.  Ask about their standard guarantee and whether there are any additional warranties.  Do your homework.  Ask lots of questions.  Build a relationship.  Once you’ve found a good tax preparer you are well on your way to discovering the tax benefits home ownership may bring you.