Dining is getting even better in Winter Garden this Summer, because the Winter Garden City Commission has voted to expand the popular sidewalk dining.  If you haven’t been, its an amazing and wonderful sight to see the couples and families biking, skating and strolling the West Orange Trail which runs right down the middle of Plant Street through the heart of downtown Winter Garden.  The south side of the street has blossomed into wine shops, restaurants, theaters and pubs, due in part to their ability to use the wide sidewalk for outisde dining.

This June the Winter Garden City Council voted to expand that sidewalk dining to the north side of the street as well!  There are already two fantastic restaurants located in the historic Edgewater Hotel on the north side; Thai Blossom and Chef’s Table.  They will be able to immediately take advantage of the sidewalk opportunities and offer customers that “Paris sidewalk cafe” experience, as will Bistro 24 which is opening at the corner of Plant and Dillard Streets.  So come downtown and check out all the sights and sounds, whether with the family or for that romantic evening you’ve been looking for — and don’t forget to cross over the trail to the north side of Plant Street, sit down, relax and enjoy!