The Butler Bay Park will reopen in December 2011 after the Windermere Town Council voted to allot $20,863 to repair the park and tennis courts.  The park, located on Lake Crescent,  has been closed due to these repairs and the safety concerns for visitors. The lakefront park will be open to residents and visitors of Windermere for their use and enjoyment.

The Recreation Center will remain closed at this time but will receive minor repair to prevent further building deterioration.of the building.  There is talk of further restoration and a possible lease of that building in the near future.

For the time being, the tennis courts will be resurfaced for public use.  There will be concrete work at the entrance of the park and sidewalks, and the the parking lot will be upgraded with proper signage and will meet ADA requirements.


The park is near several Windermere neighborhoods including The Willows at Lake Rhea and Metcalf Park.