Whether you are active military, veteran, patriot, historian or simply a collector of memorabilia this outlet is for you.  Filled with camouflage, boots and other military necessities, just standing in this store is a poignant reminder of this country’s past, present and future.  If joining the Airforce is your dream, you can even register here as well.

Located on the southern side of Colonial Drive (US 50) just west of the intersection with 9th street, this outlet stands in one of the busiest areas of Winter Garden.  It’s nestled between banks, department stores, gas stations and restaurants.  My impression of this outlet was that it was both store and museum.  Most of the items are for sale but some like a 1945 helmet from WWII are solely for display and the education of the observer.  In a split second I knew I was being transported in time.  To a time when brave soldiers fought for our freedoms.  It was a feeling of nostalgia.

Amidst all this history, one item made me chuckle – the tiniest camouflage bikini.  Yes, a bikini. This was not a display of history but an item for sale. I knew at this moment that I had seen it all.  Yes, in Winter Garden, you can find everything you need even the tiniest camouflage bikini.  This is where you want to be.  To live a stone’s throw away from every amenity and facility.  Let me find you a place to call home right here in Winter Garden.