Too Early to Talk Taxes (Part 4) – Your home and Your Taxes

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On your taxes, you can claim moneys expended on the repair or replacement of your property due to casualty or loss but discuss with your tax preparer what the IRS definition of casualty or loss.  There is so much talk in the news of worldwide storms and bad weather and daily we hear of property damage and loss.  You can take all the necessary precautions to protect your extremely valuable and precious investment (your homes).  Good preparation is critical to survival.  Long before we listen to the weather reports, we can fortify the exterior of our buildings.  Do all that you can do to be storm ready –  fix that leaky roof, fasten or replace dangling downspouts, flapping shingles and windows, clean gutters and trim overhanging branches and remove diseased and rotting trees.  As turbulent weather approaches, however, heed the advice of the authorities and experts.  But when the dust settles, the water subsides and you have surveyed your property, what’s next?   Let’s hope that no damage was sustained. If it did, however, keep good records of all moneys expended to repair your property.  Retaining receipts is absolutely critical.  Not all moneys spent on repairs and be claimed on your taxes.  If you were reimbursed by insurers, government agencies or given grants, those amounts cannot be claimed as a deduction.  So have the conversation with you tax preparer today!

Too Early to Talk Taxes? No! (Part 3) – Making Your Property Taxes Count

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Property taxes may help you lower your  income taxes.  How?   Property taxes are currently claimed as part of ‘Itemized Deductions’.  In many cases, however, filing status, the amount of the standard deduction, the amount of property taxes paid and the absence of other itemized deductions, among other things, make claiming the standard deduction more beneficial.  Do you know that changing the way you pay your property taxes may make the difference between claiming the standard deduction or a higher itemized deduction.  This is how it can be done.  Many local taxing authorities allow home owners to pay their property taxes up to the beginning of the following calendar year.  So, if you’ve paid last year’s property taxes this year, then pay this year’s taxes by or before the end of this year.  If you did not pay last year’s property taxes at the beginning of this year, then, pay this year’s taxes at the  beginning of next year and next year’s taxes by or before the end of next year.   Once you’ve paid the two years of property taxes in the same year, your property tax deduction will be greater and may be large enough to make your itemized deduction higher than your standard deduction.  So, do the math.   Discuss this with your tax preparer and see whether this helps you.  But there is still more you can do for those tax payments to count ….. Stay tuned and I will share some more nuggets with you in my next blog.


Too Early To Talk Home Ownership and Taxes? No !!! (Part 2)

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Being a home owner can bring you many tax benefits  but only if you know what they are.  The first step toward taking advantage of all the tax benefits available is to properly educate yourself or better yet, find yourself a good tax preparer.  A good tax preparer can save you time and money.   Find a person or company with a good reputation that will offer you quality service and stand behind their product.   The cost of preparing your return should not be your only or primary concern since you may save some money on preparation but lose big time on benefits.  Your primary concern should be an accurate and complete return.  How do you find a good tax preparer?  Quality tax preparers are well-schooled and continuously trained.  Don’t be afraid to ask about their training and continuing education.  If they are a paid service they should also sign your return and stand behind their product. Other good traits of quality preparers is that  they are open year round so if you need assistance after tax season or have an off-season issue or IRS audit, they are there to help.  It’s also good to have a preparer or company that guarantees their work.  Ask about their standard guarantee and whether there are any additional warranties.  Do your homework.  Ask lots of questions.  Build a relationship.  Once you’ve found a good tax preparer you are well on your way to discovering the tax benefits home ownership may bring you.

Too Early To Talk Taxes? No! (Part 1)

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It’s never too early to talk taxes since what you do as a home owner this year may impact your taxes next year.  Steps taken this year may determine what you claim on your taxes next year.  Tax prep is hindsight.  Always remember that by the time you are ready to prepare your taxes the tax year you’re filing has already passed.  The most important decision you can make is to get accurate information about what you can claim on your taxes.  Remember that a friend or close relative may not always be a tax expert.  Here are a few of the many questions that you should ask yourself this year in preparation for your next tax return.  As a home owner, do I have accurate information about what I can claim on my taxes?  Can my property taxes be claimed on my tax return?  Do my property taxes always give me a tax deduction? How should I pay my property taxes so I can receive this benefit?  If I do home renovations, are they tax deductible?  If I have an office in home, can I claim a deduction?  What is the home energy credit?  Can I claim a Casualty or Loss to my Home?  The answers to these questions can benefit you greatly.  In my ongoing series on ‘Home Ownership and Taxes’ I will share with you some tips on how you may use your home ownership to your tax benefit.  Stay tuned!

To Do List – “Sing along with the Muppets”

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It’s summer time again and you may be looking for activities for you and your kids.  Winter Garden always offers something exciting and fun.  Just take a visit to Winter Garden’s ‘Garden Theatre’ on July 27 at 3 pm and 7 pm and you are sure to leave with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.  Yes, you can ‘Sing along with the Muppets.  This show is produced and hosted by, among others, Heather  Henson daughter of Jim Henson of Kermit the Frog and Muppets fame.

If you grew up with Big Bird or followed the romance of Kermit and Miss Piggy, this is your opportunity to walk down memory lane.  But more than that it’s an opportunity to introduce your favorite characters to your kids.  This interactive show lets you sing along and brings out the kid in you.  It also allows you to share those special moments with the ones you love.

To quote the Garden Theatre “[You will] relish in family-friendly, raucous interactions with the classic, timeless film of Heather’s legendary father, Jim Henson.  Children and adults alike are urged to shout out famous line, blow bubbles, dance in the aisles, and of course, sing aloud!” Seats are available with purchase of a $10 goodie bag.

This is why Winter Garden is the place to live and to be.  There something for everyone.  One big, happy family.

How to Navigate Housing Lotteries

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The housing market in Orlando is witnessing the resurgence of housing lotteries.  This tells us that in some areas there is high demand and low inventory.  The lottery affords the successfully selected participant an opportunity to purchase a lot/home.  It is conducted by the builders and, ‘no you do not win a home’ but it gives everyone interested a fair chance to be selected to purchase a home.

To have a stake in the lottery you need to be an entrant but there is a process for doing so.  Of the several keys to successfully navigate housing lotteries, I believe the following four are paramount to your success.  In my opinion, the first is to get yourself a real estate agent who will work alongside you and seek your interest while navigating the process.  Your agent will arrange a showing of the model homes and should be able to provide you with copies of plans and elevations for the homes.

The second key is to be registered with the builder.  Ask your agent to assist you with that.  The third key is to be pre-qualified/pre-approved by your mortgage company.  Builders, however, are also requesting that you be pre-qualified by their lenders to determine entry into their lotteries.  Although you may have your own lender and may not have plans to use the builder’s lender, pre-qualification by the builder’s lender affords you entry into the lottery.

A fourth step is to be ready with the required deposit if you are selected by the lottery.  Some developers require the deposti at the time you are selected or shortly thereafter.  Be ready because if you are not, backup buyers are also selected at the drawing and they will replace you.

The best advice I can give is to call your agent to guide you through the process.  I do it for my clients.

Improving Orlando Housing Market – Don’t Miss Out

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There are definite signs of an improving Orlando Real Estate Market.  The market in Orlando is no longer hobbled and in need of resuscitation.  We are seeing signs of pre-recession movement and demand.  One sign is the return of multiple offers on properties.  This is helping to drive prices up.  The CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index indicated that nationwide home prices rose by 7.3% in 2012 and anticipates a further rise at an annualized rate of 3.9% over the next five years.

A second sign is reduced inventory.  A rough estimate shows that inventory in Orlando has decreased from approximately 35,000 to 7,000 homes.  And yet a third sign is the resurgence of lotteries.  These lotteries do not award a prize but instead afford you the opportunity to purchase a home.  Recently, Meritage Homes conducted its lottery for the sale of lots in exclusive Parkside community in Dr Phillips, FL.

Parkside community is located in the desirable Dr Phillips community just a few short miles away from Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and many attractions.  It is one of Orlando’s coveted neighborhoods that has outstanding schools, top-class restaurants and multiple facilities.  If golf is your speciality, it’s just a stone’s throw away from well-known golf courses including Bay Hill Golf and Country Club.  Parkside’s Grand Opening is tentatively scheduled for June 15th at which time more lots will be released for purchase.

The Orlando housing market is on an upward swing so DON’T MISS OUT on your opportunity to purchase the home of your dreams!  Act now!


Winter Garden’s ‘To Do List’ – Theatre and The Arts

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Whether you are a patron of the performing arts, a movie goer or you just enjoy live concerts, Winter Garden has something to offer you.    Built in 1935, The Garden Theatre was purchased by the City of Winter Garden in 2002 and restored with the help of Winter Garden Heritage Foundation.  A grand opening in February 2008 featured the City’s own Broadway Star of  ‘Phantom of the Opera’ fame – Davis Gaines.

The  ‘Wizard of Oz’  is currently on stage at the Theatre and runs until May 26.  But the Theatre offers much, much more –  Plays, Movies, Concerts, Summer Camps, Field Trips, Music Festivals, Starlite Film Festivals, Special and Community events and much more.

Located at 160 W Plant Street, the City describes its jewel as constructed in the Mediterranean Revival style with a Spanish tile roof.  The interior is modeled after a Spanish Courtyard and possesses Romeo and Juliet balconies.  The ceiling is a dark blue bejeweled with it’s own twinkling stars.

It has been said that a city is only as rich as it’s culture and performing arts and it’s theatre is the yardstick by which it is measured.  If that is so, Winter Garden is full of riches but it’s wealth does not end there.  It can also be found in its wonderful neighborhoods.  You can share in this wealth when you make Winter Garden your home.  Come home to Winter Garden, there is a place waiting for you!




Winter Garden’s ‘To Do List’ – Farmers Market

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Winter Garden is a City full of activities to satisfy every need and lifestyle.  There is never a shortage of things to do.  If you are into Farmers’ Markets, you can find one  in Historic Downtown at the South Boyd Street Parking Lot on Saturday morning.  It starts at 9 am and ends around 2 pm.

Farmers’ Markets always excite me and I believe it can excite you too … fresh, luscious, plump and mouth-wateringly juicy fruits nestled among colorful and fragrantly-fresh cut flowers.  But there is always some unexpected treasure to be found.  Organically grown is usually the highlight at Farmers markets and, if you have a ‘green thumb’, there’s an array of healthy potted vegetables and brilliantly blooming flowers to choose from.  If shopping is not for you, a leisurely walk among nature’s best is a good stress reliever too.

So, if you have never visited Winter Garden’s Farmers Market, put it on your “To Do List” but, more importantly, if you’re  looking for a place to call home, Winter Garden is the place to purchase.  You’ll never be left wondering what to do.  There are many great neighborhoods in Winter Garden – golf gated Stoneybrook West, Black Lake Park and Banana Bay Estates – to name a few.  I am ready to assist you in finding your home.  Just contact me because it’s time for you to COME HOME TO WINTER GARDEN!


West of Winter Garden to Colina Bay

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If you are looking for a beautiful place to raise a family or just a new community to enjoy Florida living, Colina Bay could be the place for you.  This new construction is being built near the shores of pristine Lake Apopka and offers large lots 125’x 200′.   The view is breathtaking with glimpses of nature at its best all around.

Colina Bay community is just five to ten minutes west of Winter Garden and five minutes west of the Turnpike.  Ongoing road expansion and improvements make it easy driving and keeps this area well-connected.  Commercial construction is evident as you travel west along State Road 50 (West Colonial) which hints at the upswing and increased interest in the area.

Since Colina Bay is new construction, if you purchase now you will have the option of choosing your lot and elevation.  Many modern features such as stainless steel appliances, 3 car garages, a second Master Suite and landscaping are included but fantastic upgrades await you – a pool, crown moulding, wood floors, french doors and more …  THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR …

Winter Garden’s Army and Navy Outlet

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Whether you are active military, veteran, patriot, historian or simply a collector of memorabilia this outlet is for you.  Filled with camouflage, boots and other military necessities, just standing in this store is a poignant reminder of this country’s past, present and future.  If joining the Airforce is your dream, you can even register here as well.

Located on the southern side of Colonial Drive (US 50) just west of the intersection with 9th street, this outlet stands in one of the busiest areas of Winter Garden.  It’s nestled between banks, department stores, gas stations and restaurants.  My impression of this outlet was that it was both store and museum.  Most of the items are for sale but some like a 1945 helmet from WWII are solely for display and the education of the observer.  In a split second I knew I was being transported in time.  To a time when brave soldiers fought for our freedoms.  It was a feeling of nostalgia.

Amidst all this history, one item made me chuckle – the tiniest camouflage bikini.  Yes, a bikini. This was not a display of history but an item for sale. I knew at this moment that I had seen it all.  Yes, in Winter Garden, you can find everything you need even the tiniest camouflage bikini.  This is where you want to be.  To live a stone’s throw away from every amenity and facility.  Let me find you a place to call home right here in Winter Garden.


Winter Garden’s Own DMV Office

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At some time in our adult lives, we have a need for the services of the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Whether it is to secure a Driver Learner’s Permit, to apply for or renew our Drivers Licenses, to pay our Vehicle Tag or to secure a State Identification Card, we need the services of the DMV.

There are places in the U.S. that do not have a DMV office nearby.  Many residents have to drive as many as fifty miles or more to get to a DMV office.  This is not the case in Winter Garden, FL.  Residents of Winter Garden are fortunate to have a DMV office in the centre of its city. It provides a myriad of services to meet your DMV needs.

Located on West Colonial Drive (Highway US 50) in Winter Garden this office is easily accessible.  It is housed in a spacious facility and there is no problem for parking because the huge parking lot provides lots of parking spaces.  When you live in Winter Garden, FL, getting DMV service is just a ‘short drive’ away.  It is centrally located and just a short drive away from Winter Garden Village, Stoneybrook West and all the wonderful neighborhoods of Winter Garden.

Winter Garden’s ‘Restaurant Row’

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One of the signs of a thriving and well-established community is it’s accessibility to good restaurants and good food. Winter Garden offers you just that. Drive through Winter Garden along Colonial Drive (Highway US 50) and you will be pleasantly surprised to see the well-known large eating franchises that gives us comfort food. Names like Mc Donalds, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Checkers and lots more.

Nestled among them, however, are their rising competitor’s.  Not to be outdone are restaurants with their ethnic kitchens that offer the welcomed variety that we often need and sometimes even remind us of our happy childhoods. They serve up Chinese, Thai, Hispanic, Irish and other ethnic fares that just make our mouths water.

Turn south from Highway 50 onto Daniels Road, drive about five miles along this street-lined four lane street and a wonderful surprise awaits you.  I call it “Winter Garden’s Restaurant Row”.  Leaving historic Winter Garden behind, it’s almost like entering a different world. Modern, well-maintained buildings, beautifully manicured landscaping.  There in front of you are the names that make us salivate Chilis, Chic-fil-A, Quiznos, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Panda Express and lots more.  But your choices do not end there.  Across the street is Fowler’s Mall which offers its own list of eateries.  YOUR CHOICES ARE ENDLESS for comfort food or just for a night off kitchen duty.

Winter Garden offers it all.  Good food, good communities, great homes.  Just minutes away from ‘Restaurant Row’ are modern communities to suit your taste and your pocket book.  Communities like Stoneybrook West, Bay Isle, Black Lake Park, Daniel’s Landing, Deerfield Place, Foxcrest, Orchard and Reserve at Waterford Pointe.  YOUR CHOICES ARE WIDE AND VARIED.  WINTER GARDEN YOUR PLACE TO CALL HOME.


All Roads Lead to Winter Garden

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Winter Garden FL MapIf you have never visited nor have recently driven through Winter Garden, you are in for a wonderful surprise. Winter Garden is well connected. Heading west along Colonial State Road U.S. 50 you will be welcomed by a wide, recently beautified six-lane highway.

Winter Garden is easily accessible from anywhere in the state.From Winter Garden just jump onto the Florida Turnpike and you have direct access southward to Miami or northward to Tallahassee.  East onto State Road 408 and drive eastward and within minutes you arrive at Downtown Orlando.  SR 429 directly connects the downtown Winter Garden to the golf, guard-gated, lakeside community of Stoneybrook West.  Head south on SR 529 and it delivers you right to the doors of Disney.

When you live in Winter Garden,  you enjoy the best of both worlds.   You can enjoy community, golf and even lakeside living away from the bustle of Downtown but still be within minutes of the city.  “You’re never far away from anywhere and you’re never far away from home”.

Beautification of Colonial US 50 Winter Garden

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Winter Garden, Florida Workers are in the final stages of completing US 50 Colonial in Winter Garden.  The addition of towering Palm Trees and shrubs being placed in the medium will add a value to surrounding businesses and the community as a whole.

Assistance for Winter Garden Florida Seniors

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Winter Garden Seniors Citizens can apply for utility bill assistance. Starting May 2012 Seniors that qualify can save as much as $35.00 a month on their utility bill.  Applications are available at the City Hall receptionist Desk or call Winter Garden City Hall and they will mail one out to you.

You must be 65 years of age or 62 and receiving social security.  Monthly income can not exceed $1,197.79 for single Seniors or $1,674.56 if you are married.  Applicants must be Winter Garden residence for five years continuously upon submitting your application.  Be prepared and have your 2011 Federal Income taxes returns or your social security benefit statement, all sources of income must be provided.

It sounds like a little work but $35.00 a month is a saving of $420.00 a year.  Get started today and contact Winter Garden City clerk at 407-656-4111 ext 2297. May 1, 2012 is the deadline for submitting your application and supporting documents so don’t delay. If you have a family member or friend that could benefit from this please lend a helping hand and get them signed up, I’m sure they will be very thankful!

Black Lake Park Winter Garden

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It wasn’t that long ago Black Lake Park had over 15 homes for sale, how times change.  Today this lakefront community once a haven for short sales and bank foreclosures is on the rebound featuring only 3 homes on the market. Built at the peak of the real estate market it’s no surprise this gated community in Winter Garden was at the mercy of the decline.  With homeowners purchasing top dollar for these homes the past 5 years of declining prices could not sustain the values.

If we know one gurantee about real estate it’s that it always changes and change is here.  Make no mistake we are not back in the hey days of 2005 and home values but rather entering a normal real estate market, something Florida has not seen in a decade.

New Computer Recycling Site in Winter Garden

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Good for the Community
Good for the Environment
Good for You   ….. Dell Reconnect

Dell Reconnect has opened an additional 319 donation sites across the US – one right here in Winter Garden, Florida!  Dell has teamed with Goodwill Industries to provide local residents with a way to safely dispose of unwated computers and electronics.

Where?  Goodwill Collection Center at 13221 W. Colonial Dr., Winter Garden, FL 34787 (407) 654-6292  (near the corner of 9th Street and Colonial)

They will accept most anything that is, or can attach to, a computer.  They are also providing tax reciepts for your donations.

Monitors and Scanners – If the glass is broken, place the monitor in a cardboard box lined with a large plastic garbage bag. Seal the box and clearly label it with “broken monitor” and the date.
Computers & Hard Drives (Desktop & Laptop, External or Internal) Dell and Goodwill Industries do not accept liability for lost or confidential data or software. You are responsible for backing up any valuable information and erasing sensitive data from the hard drive before dropping it off.
Printers-Including laser & inkjet
Keyboards and Mice -Wired or wireless
Speakers –With or without cables
Cords & Cables –Including power cords & USB cables
Ink & Toner Cartridges –Full or empty
Software – with the license key
Microsoft Xbox®, Microsoft Zune® – Systems & peripherals
Webcams – Microsoft branded

For more information, visit DellReconnect.  There are many residential computer collection sites throughout Florida.  Go to site and enter your zip code for one near you!


Winter Garden Real Estate showing off stability

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Winter Garden, Florida real estate market

Winter Garden real estate steadily is becoming sought after real estate for buyers searching communities that no longer are declining.  As of this writing Winter Garden currently had 15 single family bank owned properties for sale, a far cry from over a hundred a few years ago.  With interest rates holding at all time lows buyers are sensing the urgency that now is the time to purchase before it’s to late.

Winter Garden and Central Florida real estate for that matter, are headed back to normal real estate cycles, something we have not seen in years.  According to three leading U.S. economists reported from the National Association of Realtors, “Despite national and global headwinds, Florida’s real estate market is entering 2012 on an upward trend”. From the fast pace seller’s markets seven years ago to the buyers market that started in 2007, Central Florida’s real estate market is bottoming out and headed towards stability.

Look no further then the supply of homes for sale, this past month inventory of homes dipped below 10,000 in Central Florida, the first time in over 4 years, a reduction of over 16,000 properties.   Winter Garden currently has 170 single family active homes listed on the Mid Florida Regional MLS.  Communities in Winter Garden like Stoneybrook West that once had over 90 homes for sale now have 12.  Real estate is still about supply and demand and heading into 2012 the stage is set for continued growth and stability in Winter Garden, Florida’s real estate market.

Exclusive Water Skiing Community in Winter Garden

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The Isles of Lake Hancock is an gated enclave built primarily for boaters, skiers and water sport lovers.  The community of luxury homes is built on the Hancock Chain of Lakes and around two world class man made ski lakes.  One of the twin lakes is owned by the developer.  The other, known as Lake Stahling, is operated by the Isles of Lake Hancock Ski Club. Photo shows Kyle Tate of Winter Garden in competition at Isles of Lake Hancock event.


The location of this Winter Garden neighborhood is just 2 miles north of the northern side of Disney World and right around the corner from the Orange County National Golf Course.  Winter Garden Village at Fowlers Grove shopping and restaurants are just 10 minutes away.  Click map to enlarge.


The homes in this community run from about $1.2 million to $2 million and are well appointed.  The small neighborhood has seemed to withstand the recent economic challenges.  Of the homes for sale as of  the date of this post, none are short sale or bank owned, and the recent sales in the past year have been regular sales.

Search Luxury Homes in Winter Garden for sale in Isles of Lake Hancock


Photo gallery of past ski competition in Isles of Lake Hancock from WaterSki Magazine